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Terms & Conditions

Your use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions and all applicable laws. By accessing and browsing the Errands on Demand website, you accept, without limitation or qualification, these terms and conditions. Please read this terms of use policy carefully and check back periodically as we update it from time to time.

Your acceptance of the following Policies, Terms & Conditions are an absolute condition of your use of services provided by Errands on Demand.

The following shall apply for any and all services provided to any and all clients and customers of Errands on Demand (hereinafter “client”), by Errands on Demand (hereinafter “Errands on Demand”).

All Policies, Terms and Conditions shall apply at all times while the services are being handled and shall be binding upon the customer, 3rd parties (receivers) and Errands on Demand.

Now, therefore, for and in consideration of the mutual promises and agreements contained herein. Client hires Errands on Demand and Errands on Demand agrees to work for their client under the terms and conditions hereby agreed upon by the parties:


Errands on Demand is available to individuals or entities who can form legally binding agreements under applicable laws. Services are not available to minors under the age of 18. 




Licensed and registered in Basildon, Essex

Business Hours: Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Services carried outside of these hours will incur an additional 25% surcharge




Rates are for services conducted Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (Non-Holiday). Services carried outside of these hours will incur an additional 25% surcharge

Rates vary according to the type of work you need, complexity of task, overall length of project, frequency of services used, location, labour, travel and other additional factors.

Minutes are rounded up to next full quarter.

Some services require more than a one hour minimum purchase

Service rates do not include the cost of purchases, taxes and expenses

Payments for cost of purchases, taxes and expenses must be paid in full when service is completed

Service rates are for services provided by Errands on Demand

All services must be paid in advance or after completion of services

Initial consultation is free

Quotes are free


Billing usually begins and/or ends at the following:

  • clients presence

  • home/business/store

  • on route

  • location

  • on request

  • pre-negotiated date/time





Receipts are returned after a copy has been made for Errands on Demand records

Invoices are submitted when service request is completed or every 2 weeks




Deposits (for Purchases and Expenses)

Some services require a minimum of 50% or more advance deposit for purchases and other expenses




Mileage is free for the first 10 miles

Mileage fee is £0.45 per mile after 10 miles




Cash, Cheques, (PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards soon to be available)

Cancelled or returned cheques will incur a minimum fee of £12.00

Gift Certificates




Some services require consultations in person

Most consultations can be done over the phone

Initial consultation is free




All requests are reviewed and accepted on a case by case basis

All requests are scheduled on a first come first serve basis

Errands on Demand respond to all requests within 24 hours

Services are available on an hourly rate

Most services require a minimum of 24 hour advance notice

Requests with less than 24 advance notice may not be completed on time.




Most cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice to avoid a cancellation fee

Cancellations less than 24 hours’ notice may be charged a minimum fee of £5




Errands on Demand will notify client if request is taking longer than scheduled

Delayed or incomplete services due to traffic delays, road closures, natural “acts of God”, or for any delays out of Errands on Demand control in those cases, client may request a cancellation without a fee




Unused services/hours and deposits are not refunded but can be carried over for use on services.




One free hour of service will be added to customer account for every referral received


Free service will be issued after the person referred completes payments for services


Vouchers expire 60 days from date issued


Customer will be notified when bonus is available




Available for all services and discounts in any denomination

Expire 12 months from date of purchase


Errands on Demand will make every effort to remedy any issues

Refund requests or adjustments in writing are accepted if requested within 30 days

In your requests include:

  • Your contact/mailing information

  • Date of service

  • Reason for request

  • Some refunds or adjustments may be processed after 30 days

  • Refunds or adjustments may be charged for the following:

  • All or part of tasks completed

  • For services performed

  • Suppliers engaged by Errands on Demand on clients behalf

  • Outstanding purchases, taxes and expenses


If we made an error on your purchases, we will return or exchange your purchase at no charge

If you made the purchases on your own, we will charge you accordingly for return or exchange



If the task requested by the customer requires access to a business or residence, arrangements must be made to allow access to the property. If, for any reason, we cannot gain access, the full charge for this service will become due


Change, modify, add/remove portions, suspend, discontinue and cancel any services, site information, prices, policies, terms and conditions at any time without prior notice

  • Limit out-of-pocket expenses

  • Request and verify identification

  • Notify proper lawful authorities of contraband, illegal materials or controlled substances

  • Make all final decisions on services, rates, fees and related costs

  • Refuse any business or requests we feel is unsafe and/or unsuitable, unethical or illegal

  • Refuse to provide services that are not within our capabilities, unreasonable, questionable




  • Make oral agreements

  • Does not guarantee any of its services that are provided by a vendors, third parties or subcontractors.

  • Accept orders from minors under 18 years of age

  • Deliver any tobacco products or alcoholic products to minors under 18 years of age

  • Deliver alcoholic products to anyone under 21 years of age

  • Transport people or any type of animals or insects (excluding dogs or cats)

  • Do anything prohibited by law and that will place someone in danger or cause any form of property damage

  • Handle or transport high valued items, large amounts of cash, hazardous materials, firearms, containers, packages or particular items not properly packed, opened, broken or that rattles and is unmanageable, oversized, overweight, overheight etc.

  • Anything that can damage other transported items food, equipment, materials etc.



Delayed or incomplete services due to traffic delays, road closures, natural “acts of God”, or for any delays out of Errands on Demand control in those cases, client may request a cancellation without a fee

Privacy practices, security, or the content of other websites/companies/businesses, nor does Errands on Demand endorse the content, terms or suitability of using these websites/companies/businesses sites/products

Services requiring keys, gate access codes, entry passes and alarm codes for: monitoring home, checking in on pets or waiting for expected services. Customer must make entry available to Errands on Demand so service can be completed.